Friday, 29 June 2012

Sports & Wellness Term 3: Peer Coaching

Hello All,

Black House to start teaching:

Volleyball: Receiving Technique 'Digging' (ISH)

Handball: Catching and Throwing of the Handball (Field)

¢S1-05: Mondays, 11:00am - Teaching on Thurs, 5 Jul
¢S2-02: Wednesdays, 10:00am - Teaching on Thurs, 5 Jul
¢S2-04: Thursday, 10:00am - Teaching on Fri, 6 Jul
¢S2-06: Tuesday, 10:00am - Teaching on Fri, 6 Jul
¢S2-08: Fridays, 10:00am - Teaching on Wed, 4 Jul

Using various online sources - websites, videos, etc...

Black House to come up with a simple lesson plan highlighting the important teaching points of 'digging'.

Consider the following when coming up with drills:

1. Safety
2. Simple instructions
3. Easy to form groups
4. Transition time from drill to drill.

Groups are to email me their lesson plan using Pages 1 day before our meeting to allow me to review the plan.

i) Roles of each student (e.g. Student A: Intro, Student B, C, D: Teaching of Drill, Student E: Recap / Closure.
ii) Objectives of lesson + Lesson Points (e.g. digging stance is semi-sumo stance.
iii) Question / Analogies for Understanding (e.g. keep the ball 'alive' like keeping a balloon afloat).
iv) Drills (here, you should use pictures, animation for understanding). The student must also be able to demonstrate.
Here, the setup of the drill (e.g. where are cones placed) should be clearly shown on presentation.
v) Equipment required: (e.g. 10 soft volleyballs, 10 cones).

Email your slides with the subject name <Class - Black House, Name and Handphone No. of Black House Rep>
(e.g. Sec 2-04 - Black House, Issac Lim 9xxxx123)

Mr. Patrick Hiap

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